Life is a series of moments. Irreversible, inexplicable, amazing, devastating, enthralling, confusing, unforgettable, and most of all priceless. They weave the experiences unique to each and every person. Moments tell the story of each individual, a colorful rainbow of thread in the loom we call life. Everyone has a combination of past, present, future; a story that makes them who they are. Through and through, an undeniable Fighter named Cat Davis is strengthened and created by the story that is harbored within her soul, in every breath that she takes, and in the very essence of her being.

 Looking at Cat Davis, you would admire a beautiful, young woman filled with vibrancy and life. However, beginning in 2009, she has fought vigorously against a rare disease known as Rapidly Advancing Diffuse Scleroderma. This uncommon illness causes the body to form excess connective tissue, similar to scar tissue, that progressively hardens decreasing her bodies’ ability to do what it is supposed to. The unfortunate truth is that Cat’s body was slowly turning to stone, a painful and terrifying process with a prognosis of 2-5 years to live. In 2010, Cat, with her doctors and family beside her, started to search for any available treatments. After many months of working to find a cure, spending thousands of dollars, and almost losing her life due to blood infections, Cat arrived at the option of a Stem Cell transplant. After being evaluated, it was clear that this was their only chance at fighting her disease. However, the insurance denied this experimental procedure again and again, and they worked day and night to come up with the money. After an amazing CURE FOR CAT campaign, she was able to get the procedure beginning the new year of 2013. Despite this dire diagnosis, Cat Davis has strived to fight back, and has continuously risen above the negative.